Job Descriptions

The changes observed in recent decades predict that the job descriptions form the basis of any human resources system by providing relevant information to the several people management practices.

Why resort to job descriptions?

Analysis and Job Description is assumed as the "backbone " of the Human Resources Management regarding the key activities – recruitment, selection or the performance appraisal.

It is the process of collecting, analyzing and systematization of information about a particular function in order to identify the tasks or assignments, as well as, the skills required for their performance. We work in various situations such as: functional structure design, functional content, comparative analysis of the current structure and the desired structure, analysis of the requirements of the new functions identifying the specific requirements of these functions.

The Job Descriptions can help the organization to:

Increase the fit between work and the employee;
Restructure work processes;
Requalify functions according to new organizational strategies;
Increase the motivation level of employees.