Competency Assessment

Skills are a set of observable and measurable characteristics which are
related with the success of the job.


Why resort to Competency Assessment?

Skills profiles are factors of organizational effectiveness but it is
necessary that organizations identify the most relevant skills for their
performance. This service aims to respond to four major

  • What are the skills that your organization need?
  • What are the skills that your organization currently have?
  • What are the skills that your organization can develop?
  • What are the skills your organization need to hire?

The methodology aims to define profiles of the technical, behavioural
and management skills desired/wanted. The outcome consists into identify
the existing gap between the skills that the company has and the skills
needed in the future, to align people with strategy and processes,
allowing to draw action plans, individual and global development and
also support the creation or review the career paths.

The Competency Assessment can help organizations to:

Improve the selection process;
Evaluate employees' performance;
Reward employees based on their individual contributions;
Develop training programs and skills development.