Organizational Diagnosis

Every day, Managers have to make decisions based on data, which sometimes are not systematized and causing difficulties. This way, the organizational dynamics justifies a periodic diagnosis, permanent and continuous.


Why resort to Organizational Diagnosis?

  • How does your company plan and organize business?
  • What are the formal and informal procedures that support the strategy and structure?
  • What current information systems facilitate the communication process?
  • What skills does your organization have?
  • What is the current leadership style?
  • How are your employees managed?
  • What are the processes used for their development?

The Organizational Diagnosis is assumed as an essential tool in the strategic management to the organization development and growth. The purpose of this service is to create internal conditions for greater effectiveness and organizational efficiency, so the employees can be focused on value creation in relationships and business results.

The focus is on the assessment of the current organizational conditions by identifying improvement opportunities and ensure that they will happen.

The Organizational Diagnosis can help the organization:

Analyze the current situation;
Check strategic alignment with existing resources;
Seize opportunities and existing resources to overcome difficulties and enhance competitiveness;
Identify critical points of change;
Develop action plans and set priorities.