In a knowledge based economy, one of the most important factor for business performance is the quality of its human resources.

Why resort to Recruitment and Selection?

The Recruitment & Selection processes involve two core activities: the attraction of a shortlist of suitable candidates and the selection of suitable candidates that meet the client organization's needs. Therefore it is essential to choose the methods and valid criteria.

Recruitment & Selection suggests a methodology that achieves the best results in the attraction and selection of talents according to the organizational goals. The success of this service is based on the seniority of the consultants, experts in assessing skills in order to predict the behavior in the new role. After selecting, we monitor the integration of the professional, contributing to enhance his performance. We also design effective welcoming and integration process aimed to accelerate the adaptation of the new employee to the company culture.

Recruitment & Selection can help the organization:

Design the professional profile and job description;
Skills mapping;
Apply selection techniques appropriate to the function;
Integrate new employees;
Align human resources with the company strategy.