Job Evaluation

The Job Evaluation state-of-the-art engine for any type of Organization. 

Job Evaluation easily done!

gradar® the job evaluation engine is an international, state-of-the-art and reasonably priced factor based job evaluation system with automated job matchings
gradar® is an analytical job grading system. With gradar®, you can evaluate all positions, from the unskilled worker to the division head in any type and size of organisation. 
gradar® is easy to use and allows for a transparent and comprehensible job grading. Its modern web-based application guides you intuitively and self-explanatory through your grading process. This puts you in charge and gives you the full control over your data and the process of position evaluation.

gradar® offers:

easy handling and inexpensive access;
9 languages available (DE, EN, FR, ES, NL, IT, PL, PT, TR);
no bias toward management and executive levels: the implementation of an individual contributor career path at par with the management and project management career path;
an algorithm compatible with existent collective labour agreements and the European Qualification Framework (introduced in 2008);
a state of the art web-application. The software is cutting-edge, with regards to the technology and the user interface design. There is no legacy application made in MS Excel or as a “pen and paper” model.
engineering Made in Germany, an infrastructure hosted in Germany and the SaaS licensing through a German contract.