"Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned" - this is the Six Thinking Hats ™ technique by Edward de Bono.


Why resort to the “Six Thinking Hats of Lateral Thinking™”?

It’s a systemic approach of thinking, completly new and diffferent, which provides skills and tools that can be applied immediately.

Through the “Six Thinking Hats of Lateral Thinking™” technique you will be practicing the lateral thinking. The lateral thinking offers a practical alternative. Encourages to cooperation, exploration and innovation. It helps people to view different points of view and consider which way to go.

You and your team will learn to separate thinking into six categories. Each category is identified with a "thinking hat" - a different color metaphor. Using these "hats" alternately, you can direct or redirect thoughts, conversations or meetings.

The difference of brilliant teams is not in their collective cognitive ability but in their ability to find their colletive wisdom and really work together.

The “Six Thinking Hats of Lateral Thinking™” technique can help you to:

Deliver solutions faster;
Promote positive relationships;
Stimulate creativity;
Increase innovation;
Reduce decision time;
Improve development of new businesses;
Increase participation and contribution in meetings;
Facilitate cooperation between the different thinking styles;
Create a space for creativity and innovation.