To be a person is to own ourselves, is to accept our way of being, loving, thinking and knowing our weaknesses and our qualities. The human being is in a constant and conscious relationship with themselves, with others, with the environment, and is subject to learning and to daily challenges.

The contents are developed with the focus on the individual in two cycles:

- Be Yourself Cycle aims to develop the depth of each individual and foster the discovery of talents, answering to the behavioral challenges of each individual and/or professional.

- M.O.V.E. Yourself Cycle is based on a process that aims to enhance the skills of individuals as well as suit management procedures, generating an increase in their productivity and personal satisfaction by matching Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques.

Created as a residential workshop format, it is usually held together with events or business meetings, allowing a direct connection to the business world.

Why resort to Be Yourself Cycles?
One of the main evidence of this program sucess is the sharing and empowering environment. The contact with other people and other professionals turns out to be very enriching and it is reflected into the insight that allows stablishment of new ideas and, at the same time, concepts can be adapted to enhace the business. Happy and satisfied people with their personal and professional life, who feel respected and recognized, become commited and engaged partners.

Be Yourself Programs can help the organization to:

Provide competitiveness;
Achieve goals and accomplish the mission;
Provide educated and motivated individuals;
Increase people’s satisfaction at work;
Boost the change.