Franklin Covey Solutions

As Client Partner and Certified Facilitator of Franklin Covey Portugal, we provide services to our customers in Portugal and also abroad, collaborating in international projects of Franklin Covey.

The contents are based on principles and natural laws of human behavior and effectiveness, challenging the "status quo", building new paradigms, new skills and tools, developing a culture based on principles, high performance and effective leadership – a culture that becomes your greatest competitive advantage.

Franklin Covey Solutions are available in different formats: Live-in-Person; Online learning; On Demand and Blended learning, always guided by certified Franklin Covey facilitators.

Why Franklin Covey Solutions?
Franklin Covey is the third alternative which combines consulting, workshops and sustainability tools, allowing the organization to produce significant results, measure the change impact and generate return.


What are the differentiating factors?

          • We present intervention models based on universal and timeless principles, regarding to human behavior and effectiveness, which are the result of decades of research.

          • Our commitment is to generate significant and lasting impact regarding the culture and leadership.

          • Our interventions covers from childrens, since the first grade, to the CEO level of an organization. We are in more than 150 countries and our programs are translated in more than 30 languages.

Paradigms and Principles
Franklin Covey Solutions help people change their paradigms – the first step to change. Everything we do is influenced by our paradigms – how we see the world around us. When our paradigms are aligned with the principles of effectiveness, we obtain better results.
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